This produces extra

Since the arms never get

stretched out using this

technique, you never develop

the lower part of the biceps.

Starting the lift from a bentover position is one of the

range motion

most common mistakes made

when doing Barbell Curls.

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you begin the lift and

straighten up at the same

produces extra

time, the lower back becomes


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momentum during the

movement that causes you to

swing the weight up instead

of lifting it with an intense

produces extra

contraction of the biceps, so

the lower part of the biceps

never gets properly


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For the correct

approach to this exercise, see

page 398.

equipment-the Arm Blaster, a straight bar, an E-Z curl bar, a

preacher bench, a prone bench, barbells, dumbbells, cables, and


Again, the major mistake I see in biceps training is lack of a

full movement. There is probably no body part in which training

for a full range of motion is so important. You will restrict the

range of motion if you do things like anadrol steroids for sale lifting your elbows up or

holding them too far back and therefore not getting a wide

enough arc in the exercise.


Some bodybuilders don’t want to lower the weight to full extension, with their arms locked out, because they can’t lift as

much weight that way.

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But they forget that it is this lower area

of the range of motion that creates the real thickness in the lower

biceps and makes the muscle appear to come right out of the

forearm-an important look when you do poses with your arms

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