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Poll participation was very good with 4,479 total votes and 238 individual voters. What makes Chrono Trigger still hold up to this very day is that it has multiple endings based on what point in the game you are in. If you choose to face the final boss by using either a time gate or time machine, how you get to him can affect the outcome of the ending.

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Japanese / European exclusive – Represents 20% of the final score. A lot of the better games were either Japanese or European only, and might not make it very far in a ranking like this. Therefore I decided to give them a boost by adding this criteria to the equation.

Donkey Kong Country rom

From the front view as a driver, you will get the chilling speed and has to dodge the hurdles to complete the race. Shredder tries to destroy the world, and these four brothers save it every time.

  • The battle with Tanzra, while not too terribly hard, was one of the great boss battles of the early Super Nintendo games and foreshadowed the large-scale demonic bosses of ActRaiser’s sequel .
  • The high-flying stunts allowed the SNES to flex its muscles, showing your descent SNES ROMs from the sky to the ground in a variety of aerial sports.
  • The game took you up thousands of feet in the air and dropped you onto a target.
  • Many people remember Pilotwings best for its skydiving event, and few can forget their first.
  • One of the SNES’ great early games, Pilotwings showed a lot of what the console could do.
  • Tanzra has two forms, a floating demon head and a hideous skeletal creature, and you must defeat them both to save the world.

If you are more into fighting games containing the hand to hand combat, then this game is for you. Mortal Kombat first edition made history among the gamers and loved by almost everyone. The action and the killing moves are the crucial part of the game. The second edition that is the Mortal Kombat 2 become even more popular than the first edition. However, finding an exciting game from the Nintendo game store contains thousands of options is a challenging task.

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It’s only right this portion represents the most weight. The idea for this sprang up a little over three years ago in our forum by one of the staff writers. Perhaps he was inspired by the 150 Must-Play SNES Experiences thread. Next a poll was created and people from SNES Hub, DigitalPress, NintendoAge, GameFaqs, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook were invited to vote and then discuss the games in the forum.

This also ensures some solid obscure titles gets some limelight. It’s called the SNES Hub top 200, so it’s fitting reviews for the site are put into the equation. The writers here are well versed on the system, so it’s almost like they are putting their gaming knowledge into the results when their reviews are taken in account. I also penalized any games in the poll that received a one star review. This ranking is about what us gamers with all our varied taste and experiences believe are the best games.

We have already done the hard part for you and enlisted top 20 best SNES games below. Once the final scores were meted out, any games that were tied were decided by Gamefaqs ratings. If the titles were still tied after that, I used the SNES Hub reader rating to break the tie. And if games were still tied, then they remained tied.

The game is fantastic, and you get many reasons to try, and it gets harder with every level you succeed. This one is the most popular and exciting mission game that you can play on SNES. The story begins with the four ninja turtles those brought into the world by a scientist by changing their DNA.

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