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Paynet secure provides bitcoin merchant services and cryptocurrency merchant accounts for cryptocurrency exchanges, dealers, and other businesses that sell virtual coins. Selling digital currencies is easier than ever before when you offer a convenient way to buy cryptocurrency with credit cards and debit cards. The bitcoin payment service instantly converts the received bitcoins into the currency of the merchant’s choice, eliminating the volatility risk. One can even opt to get the bitcoins in their own wallet, instead of exchanging them for fiat currencies. They act as an intermediary layer between the payer and receiver for processing of the bitcoin payments, which also involves recording the transaction on the blockchain public ledger. In a nutshell, bitcoin payment services, or bitcoin merchant services, enable merchants and businesses to receive payments in bitcoins from individuals for the goods and services being sold or delivered.

Many merchants rely on third party Bitcoin gateway APIs while others develop their own unique software. This is because it offers a very simple and straightforward API for them to use. GoCoin offers lots of plugins so it can be used on a number of online shopping platforms including Shopfy.

It offers payouts in USD and charges a flat 1% fee on all transactions. It is supported in all but a handful of countries around the world making it an accessible option for merchants everywhere. All popular bitcoin payment services offer multiple mediums for merchants to accept bitcoin payments. Bitpay is by far the most common method for merchants to accept bitcoin , bitcoin cash and other cryptocurrencies right now.

cryptocurrency payment gateway

This article explains how bitcoin payment services work, the advantages, associated costs that users should be aware of, and whether these services are a threat to the traditional fiat currency based payment systems. Crypto technology makes every transaction private, secure, and direct between the merchant and customer – eliminating intermediaries and dramatically lowering fees. Pinwheel is leveraging the power of crypto by offering Bitcoin as a form of payment processing to its merchants in almost every country in the world. A crypto payment gateway is offering an easy way for merchants to integrate digital currencies into their websites. Mobile wallets with remote accessibility and an easy to use interface, make it simple to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies without the need for a traditional bank account. Some platforms focus solely on payments within a specific cryptocurrency. Online payments have to go via a processor in order to facilitate the card transaction with the bank, there is no way around this other than using pre-paid solutions such a PayPal or cryptocurrencies.

As other cryptocurrencies using blockchain technology become more widely used as payment methods, we will evaluate expanding our supported currencies, beyond BTC”. Executives say that their main goal has been to make integrating crypto payment gateways easy for businesses — and even more straightforward than building a website. As a result, merchants can deliver an innovative retail experience cryptocurrency payment gateway to their customers, giving them the freedom to pay using any asset they wish. The company notes that it can be convenient not only for merchants but that it also can be useful for individuals who want to store currency in-wallet. By using a Blockchain ecosystem as a foundation, payments are highly encrypted and therefore much more secure than traditional online payment gateways.

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It is also intended to increase the regular use of digital coins on a daily basis. The chances of fraud, KYC & AML issues and chargebacks are much higher in these industries, causing additional headaches for the payment providers and banks. A smart contract is a protocol that oversees the performance of a contract by integrating the terms specified by the agreement directly into the blockchain code. Ultimately, these are much better ingredients for mass-market adoption. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the mentioned companies or any of their affiliates or services. Benefits of Bitpay include its ability to support numerous currencies including the U.S. dollar, euro, pound sterling and Chinese yuan and direct bank deposits. B2Broker LTD does not provide any financial or other services advertised on this website.

It makes sense to view any bitcoin received as payment as similar to receiving a cash payment; though somewhat anonymous, it will still have to go through the books like any other payment. If a customer requests a refund, the merchant will need to ask for their address in order to send the cash back to them – although some platforms have ways of dealing with this smoothly.

Human intervention is lessened and you get accurate results that make things great for every business. For increasing the transparency in the entire process, you can get better norms validated and apply them to the core with more intensity. The crypto sphere is progressing cryptocurrency payment gateway by leaps and bounds and giving us a chance to embrace a new method of making our assets safer. With this groundbreaking solution, we are able to manage high volume transactions at a very low cost. Bitcoin is a very secure and cheap way to accept payments.

  • When customers pay that invoice then they will auto redirected to the thank-you page.
  • Mobile payment processing solutions can provide the flexibility and convenience of accepting credit card payments from anywhere in the world and enable further mobile payment integration.
  • A crypto payment gateway says it makes accepting digital currencies on websites easy with low cost.
  • This ensures that everyone can access the platform’s features in full.
  • When a customer places an order using Coinremitter checkout option, Your customers will redirect to Coinremitter website where invoice with payment detail will display.
  • The company’s payment gateway offers support for major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Tether, along with more niche alternatives such as Dogecoin and Dash.

Our developers and marketers make it possible for your brand to perpetuate its stand at a very affordable cost. SpectroCoin is one of the first crypto payment gateways in Europe that contributed greatly to making people aware of this technology.

cryptocurrency payment gateway

They allow merchants to accept over 50 cryptocurrencies on their platform. With the arrival of over 500 forks from the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency since 2011, the natural solution to this dilemma is a blockchain-based payment gateway capable of accepting multiple cryptocurrencies.

You can use our payment page or integrate it on your side using feature-reach API. cryptocurrency payment gateway The European Union and its member countries are regulating crypto assets.

Here is a list of 5 best cryptocurrency payment gateways that help you in the exchange of Bitcoin and other cryptos as a merchant. These platforms accept all the prominent digital assets are being used by crypto enthusiasts globally. There are many reliable cryptocurrency payment gateways development companies that help you create your own payment gateway like BitPay. By using this means, they can totally eradicate the third parties that extend the time of transactions and enhance their cost as well. As the usage of crypto is increasing, the need for different tools for facilitating the payments is also growing. It is really easy to set up and has plenty of customer service support should you need any help.

Undeniably one of the best payment processors for bitcoin, AlfaCoins has the unique feature of offering payments to be split between fiat and cryptocurrency. For those merchants who wish to retain some amount of bitcoin from each transaction to cash in on surging prices, this is a great option as it allows them to hedge their bets without risking the entire amount. PaynetSecure specializes in high volume & high risk merchant services.

Here is an example of a payment gateway that incorporates this new technology as well as multi-cryptocurrency functionality. On top of all this, there is immediacy of access to funds. Merchants of course like to have funds available as quickly as possible, as cash flow can make or break a business. Charging customers in bitcoin is one way to facilitate this. Market information is made available to you only as a service, and we do not endorse or approve it. Each and every transaction is verified and enforced on the blockchain for maximum security. Funds are verified before the transaction is completed, eliminating any risk of chargebacks.

Once the account is approved, your merchant identification number is assigned. Login credentials to the credit card to bitcoin payment gateway are securely emailed to you.

• Reduce the costs that come with other payment methods such as credit cards etc. Join the global blockchain financial system and take control of your money. Accept payments from anyone in the world and get settled within 48 hours. If you are interested in learning more about blockchain currencies, visitour resourcespage. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at, or join our newsletter by submitting your email address.

Supported Cryptocurrency Currencies In Coinpayments:

Similarly, you can make an online purchase at the Walmart website, and make the payment using the same credit card by entering the details on the payment page of the website. They have supported 500 plus cryptocurrency cryptocurrency payment gateway including BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, XLM, XMR, and many more. Added configuration options for bitcoin payment option in checkout page. There is no account needed for your clients to pay with bitcoins.

Compared to a standard credit card payment, bitcoin payments purport to be relatively cheaper due to lower transaction costs. A payment service, like BitPay, charges a flat 1% settlement fee to the merchant, compared to 2% to 3% charged by the fiat currency credit card processing service. Essentially, anyone who signs up for bitcoin merchant services can start receiving bitcoin payments from the customers via any and all kinds of transaction mediums from across the globe. ayment gateway that offers permissionless and direct to wallet services. The company’s policies are aligned with Bitcoin’s philosophy, and they charge just a 1% fee for unlimited transactions. Asides Bitcoin, Blockonomics accepts a wide range of other cryptocurrencies thanks to built-in integration with Shapeshift. The company has also adopted SegWit, thus eliminating the high miner fee.

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It gives many options to traders and lets them include digital assets in other domains as well. B2BinPay is a cryptocurrency payment solution that permits businesses worldwide to send, receive, store, exchange and accept online crypto payments securely and safely at a reduced cost. Its WordPress plugin is highly regarded, something which helped it be be rated as one of the best payment gateway plugins for that platform. The GoURL platform offers clear payment breakdowns that make managing orders really straightforward. Payments are received within 30 seconds of being transacted and are extremely reliable.

Incoming crypto is immediately converted to the fiat currency of your choice, so you don’t have to worry about price fluctuation. Transactions are processed and credited within seconds, eliminating lengthy verification times and allowing your clients to get started faster. Protect your business against malicious attacks with our anti-DDoS solutions.

cryptocurrency payment gateway

How To Apply For A Crypto Merchant Account

This makes it an excellent choice for small businesses and startups. The only drawback is that BitPay currently only supports direct bank deposits in 38 countries. If yours is not lucky enough to make it to the list then you won’t be able to use it. Shopify is one of the world most trusted and best cryptocurrency payment gateways. As a result, it is already being used by 1,000‘s of merchants throughout the world to facilitate payments in bitcoin.

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BitPay is one of the early and popular offerings available in the U.S. since 2011. Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, also offers a merchant app for businesses for bitcoin payment services. CoinGate, SpectroCoin, and CoinsBank are other leading players offering similar services in a variety of flavors to suit the needs of merchants and payers willing to deal with bitcoins.

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