Texting A Guy After A Hookup

These New Dating Terms Illustrate Just How Awful Dating Has Become

Don’t bother with a note glowing about what a great time you had and please – don’t try to give him a back-rub. As quietly as you can grab your stuff and leave. Forget the “I’ve never done this before in my life” speech. He’s heard it at least a few times before so even if it is true, he won’t believe you. To understand your dilemma, you need to understand men.

At this point, he’s probably thinking you do this with other guys. He may not want to chase you anymore because he feels he ‘conquered you.’ Mystery and challenge are all but gone.

If, after a couple of weeks, you haven’t heard from him it’s time to remind him you still exist. Assuming you are still communicating, show him you had fun, just like he hook up website did. And don’t believe you’re in a serious relationship.

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Instead, get back into your hobbies if you have some. Get passionate about something like Special Olympics or animal rights. Women have a tendency to go all in early on in a relationship. Even when you feel you’ve made a mistake by sleeping with him, you don’t compensate by falling head-first into relationship mode. The last thing he wants is for another man to steal you away.

If he sees you out, looking hotter than ever, he knows other guys are seeing you too. Much like your last recovery move, this one involves shooting him a casual invitation – something like, “Hey Jim, I’m meeting a few friends for pizza at The Pub this Saturday afternoon. Before your first date, you probably texted like crazy. Maybe he even texted a couple times after you slept with him, but now, the texts are slowing down or they’re gone altogether. This means you’ve lost some credibility with him.

Keep your emotions in check and let him text or call you first. Remember to be attractive for all men, not just for this guy. Yes, you made a blunder when you slept with him on your first date, but it’s not the end-all to your relationship. If you remember to remain cool and calm you can draw him back.