Community Guidelines for Xbox. Do your component to keep everybody safe

Community Guidelines for Xbox. Do your component to keep everybody safe

We built Xbox Live for people like you—for players from all walks of life, all around the globe, who all want the same task: a spot to try out while having enjoyable. We are in need of your assistance maintaining the Xbox network secure and fun for everybody.

Even though the Code of Conduct portion of the Microsoft Services Agreement is applicable to all or any Microsoft services and products, Xbox Live offers numerous ways to have interaction with other people so it advantages of a extra level of description.

For this end, we’ve developed the community that is following for Xbox. Examine these criteria a roadmap for causing this amazing, globe-spanning community. Keep in mind: Xbox Live is the community. All of us bring something unique, and that individuality will probably be worth protecting.

Whether you’re brand name not used to video video video gaming or have already been playing for many years, we are in need of one to be stewards with this spot, to even protect each other while you compete. Since when everyone else plays, most of us winnings.

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Our Shared Values

The nature of Xbox life within our values, that are key to sustaining an exciting and inviting community. Residing these values each time we perform shows the world the power that is unifying of.


Some areas of the internet don’t have rules—and the Xbox online community is not one of these. Yes, Xbox Live is, in a significant feeling, your video video gaming community. However it belongs to an incredible number of other people, too. You deserve destination to be your self with full confidence, clear of bullying, hatred, and harassment—and so does every single other player. As they would like to be treated so it’s important to treat others.Continue reading