My Honest Thoughts About Dating as a Plus-Size Girl

My Honest Thoughts About Dating as a <a href=""></a> Plus-Size Girl

Whenever I ended up being 5 years old, I happened to be in deep love with my across the street neighbor, David. (David is not looking over this, but his sis, Dana, could be. Hi!) He ended up being charming and funny, more than me personally, smart, near in proximity, had blond locks, and their mother constantly allow me to remain for supper. Your whole package actually. I wish to say he liked me personally back—i am talking about, he kissed me personally, and I also feel just like which means like-like, right?—but if anybody ended up being around, he’d never reveal it. Whenever we’d perform a game title of Capture the Flag also it was simply us two behind the shed, he’d be good and funny and sweet in my experience. Nevertheless the 2nd anyone arrived around, he called me personally unsightly and fat making jokes about me personally.Continue reading