Let me make it clear about All About oranges

Let me make it clear about All About oranges

Find out about the oranges we grow and sort them according to harvest period, growing methods and much more

Pixie Crunch

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Certainly one of our all-time favorite varieties, with a perfectly balanced sweet/tart flavor and texture that competitors or beats honeycrisp, at the very least whenever very very first picked. An inferior apple, and incredibly grower friendly, Pixie Crunch will not keep aswell in storage space, but constantly sells away for all of us well before that is a challenge. Developed at Rutgers University in 1971.

Sweet Sixteen

Introduced by the college of Minnesota in 1977, Sweet Sixteen is really a mid-season apple with super-sweet, juicy flesh similar to Honeycrisp, and tips of sugar cane and soda that is cherry.


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A cross between Gala and Florina from Angers, France, in 1985. Perhaps tart that is superior and tone to either of its moms and dads.


Florina that will be also known as Querina, is a cultivar that is french combines the faculties associated with Jonathan, Golden Delicious and Rome Beauty oranges: a moderate, sweet and aromatic candied taste, often similar to bubble gum. It absolutely was developed in Angers, France by the “Station de Recherches d’Arboriculture Fruitiere,” into the 1980’s, though its ancestry is totally US.

Crimson Topaz

A contemporary, infection resistant apple ideal to natural production, Topaz happens to be called tasting like a SweeTart candy! Crisp, extremely tart and pretty, by having a storage life that is long. A cross between two variety that is czech, the Vanda and Rubin, the Topaz apple was created in the 1990’s in the Institute of Experimental Botany into the Czech Republic.Continue reading