Wi-Fi and online

Wi-Fi and online

There are two main networks that are wireless to Residents residing on campus at OSU Stillwater (in places where Wi-Fi can be obtained):


Safe Cordless Choice

EDUROAM is guaranteed with WPA2-enterprise encryption. This encryption keeps your data MUCH safer when making use of a computer device on Wi-Fi than a network that is open.

To get in touch to EDUROAM:

  • Merely choose it in your Wi-Fi setup screen and employ your complete @okstate.edu current email address and OKEY password when it asks.
  • Accept/Trust the protection certification if it asks one to achieve this.
  • For the majority of devices, it is all you have to do.
  • You may be asked by some devices to decide on other choices included in the connection procedure.
  • When your unit wants an EAP method, enter PEAP. Set Phase 2 Authentication to MSCHAPv2 (this method could possibly be concealed in a “advanced” area).
  • If you have a part for CA Certificates, select “Use System Certificates” after which set the Domain to “ad.okstate.edu”.Continue reading