As a person, access to your online task and information is sold into the greatest bidder

As a person, access to your online task and information is sold into the greatest bidder

3 x quicker than Chrome. Better privacy by standard than Firefox. Uses 35% less battery on mobile.

Brave stops online surveillance, loads content faster, and makes use of 35% less battery pack.

Everybody knows whats wrong.

Web giants develop rich, while writers walk out company. Together with system that is entire rife with advertisement fraudulence.

Restore control with Brave.

Brave Shields For Privacy

Block data-grabbing advertisements and trackers

The vast almost all web sites and adverts consist of computer software that tries to spot you. They would like to monitor your every move across the internet. Brave blocks all of this, enabling you to browse easily.

Browse At Warp Speed

Blocking harmful advertisements and trackers means a faster Internet

Brave lots news that is major as much as six times quicker than Chrome, Safari and Firefox on mobile and desktop.

Genuine Privacy

Browse even more privately with Tor*

Other browsers claim to possess a personal mode, but this just hides your history from other people making use of your web web web browser. Brave lets you make use of Tor right in a tab. Tor not just hides your history, it masks where you are through the web web web sites you go to by routing your looking at several servers before it reaches your location. These connections are encrypted to improve privacy.

*Available on desktop, not far off to mobile.

Earn benefits and help content creators.

Brave Benefits

Earn frequent flier-like tokens just for searching

Switch on Brave Rewards to earn regular flier-like tokens for viewing privacy-respecting advertisements.Continue reading