Her cuntslave and cuckold. See, that is just what the software is ideal fo

Her cuntslave and cuckold. See, that is just what the software is ideal fo

See, that is just what the application is ideal for

This Tumblr is definitely a socket that she may see in full transparency what fuels my sordid and shameful fantasies for me to explore my sexual interests as a submissive married man, and as such it is dedicated to my Wife so. We’re in our very very very early 50s now and cultivating our Female-Centric and lifestyle that is polyamorous. I will be Her servile cuntslave and chastened cuckold.

Head Games

FemDom Some Ideas for Partners

A summary of tips and tasks for principal females to utilize on the submissive male lovers… to tease, humiliate, control, punish, and torment him.

Methods to Humiliate Him

  1. Make him wear Your panties or underwear, dress him up as a little woman or even A french maid.
  2. Make him do housework nude or dressed in women’s garments.
  3. Have actually him pamper You, have actually him:
  4. provide you with a foot/back/full human body therapeutic massage
  5. provide you with a pedicure/manicure,
  6. paint Your finger/toe finger nails.
  7. bathe You/shave your feet.
  8. prepare and serve that you dinner that is nice.
  9. Make him hand clean Your panties and underwear.
  10. Make him polish your footwear with his tongue.
  11. Make him wear a collar and lead him around having a leash, like your dog.
  12. Connect a leash to their balls or cock band, and lead him around with that.
  13. Connect it well while watching sink while he does the laundry.
  14. Drive him around as the pony boy…spurs? A crop that is riding?
  15. Dress him up such as the slut which he is, wear a strap-on vibrator and work out him beg to draw it. screw him. (don’t forget the fuck-me red lipstick!)
  16. Make him wear Your panties or underwear under their regular clothing whenever he fades or goes to work to ensure that he can consider their Mistress constantly.
  17. Make him masturbate for you personally, make him beg for permission to cum, don’t let him, discipline him if he does.Continue reading