Been caught sexting. And thus far, flirting is perhaps all he’s doing.

Been caught sexting. And thus far, flirting is perhaps all he’s doing.

He hardly ever makes the home, and he’s just had one date — but I’m stressed that my 15-year-old is really a womanizer (or as he places it, having a devilish grin, a “playa”). Regardless of this — or even the rumors about “rainbow parties,” children losing their virginity in middle college, and shows like 16 and Pregnant — I’m not absolutely all that concerned. Yes, he had been recently “dating” eight girls in the exact same time. But to phone this relationship is a stretch: These relationships happen totally via text. It’s called “sexting.” Through the brief minute he and a woman hook as much as the full time she (it’s always her) dumps him, they never see one another — except in school and on Twitter.

All of it started whenever he began senior school. He became an item of wish to have a handful of center school girls who thought dating a top schooler would raise their social status. They got their cell phone number and began texting and calling him. He couldn’t think their fortune.

This quickly developed into dating by text. He sends messages that are flirty extends to call some body “baby”

trots out of the song that is sexy he’s invested in memory, exhibits the wit he’s usually too timid to utilize into the existence of a genuine girl, and laments exactly how much he desires to see them — though he never ever makes any work to take action.

A child of this era, which means he shares everything on Facebook and never goes anywhere without asking for a ride in case you think I’m being duped about what he’s up to, I should point out that my son’s. Therefore I know. We drove him to their one and only date.Continue reading