I don’t just suggest get it down their chest, although that is great.

I don’t just suggest get it down their chest, although that is great.

oh id ignored i manufactured this doodle any time taking into consideration the dissension episode

Dissension and his small house

Trixie: Wow, you are hence brave! You didn’t also hesitate to fling by yourself at risk!

Discord: That is because i’ve no respect in any way for my own basic safety. Query Starlight.

Starlight: You will find not ever been way more pressured during my lifestyle.

Private need:

hiiii. should I come a moodboard for a mlp self-insert who had been rlly good friends with dissension? whether or not it enable my personal self place does not have a very “”comprehensive”” shape either and is a bit chaosling attempting to have fun

Sorry this took so many years! I kinda went all over the place with this particular one but i am hoping you continue to want it!

Fun-Loving Chaosling Self-Insert whom was previously relatives with dissension Moodboard for anon! ??

Great thing Shockwave and Perceptor aren’t right here, they’d hit a gasket from full low reason.

Polyamorous partnership :33

*Reblogs SO fast*

i’m a fluttercord wh0re but a person explained trixcord and i-

Anonymous asked:

hello!! am I able to req masc nb pinkie together with his supporting bf discord?? tyVm. 3

ponydoodles resolved:

I’m likely to provide you with the best section of person Life Is heavy guidelines I’ve ever before figured out:

Consult consumers whenever things drop by shit.

I mean: Something’s wrong in your paycheck/you dropped the job/you have unexpected crisis automobile fixes and from now on you’re pennyless so your bank card pay happens to be late.Continue reading