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My last straw is an issue that came to me just yesterday. My accountant called and said he could not find the report that tells him our total sales by state. He asked if on my end I could find that information. I could not. I contacted QBO support and they informed me there is no way to get that information.

In my previous job as an accounting professional in small businesses. Quickbooks Online provides a simple, easy to use interface with powerful enterprise-class features. It helps us keep our expenditures organized, preventing us from allowing money to slip through the cracks. Running a small business requires a ton of work, but making our customers dreams come true makes it all worth it. Building and maintaining customer relationships is time consuming. It leaves very little time for administrative tasks like accounting. Quickbooks allows me to maximize my time spent with customers building brand and business, and minimize time spent on important but mundane accounting tasks.

Next and concurrently I found out that they also forgot to continue my Workers Compensation coverage and I only found out when receiving a non-renewal letter from the insurance carrier. Since I was skeptical I called back a few days later and what do you know…not only was the issue not fixed, but also there was not even a record of the incident at all. SERIOUSLY??? The next issue was that they misfiled my payroll tax payments randomly one month and sent me a notification that they had the wrong information for my company. They had been making these payments for my company for over a year. When I got on the phone they blamed the state and said they would look into it but that I would need to report those myself. After a decent amount of time on the phone and on hold, I was told that the problem is on their end and that I would hear from an escalated support level “soon”.

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Now I can delete them, one by one. (I had given up and was waiting until tax quarter end and try to start over with QB payroll online.) I’m out money, enormous amt of time, and couldn’t deliver online to my client as I promised. Brilliant! I work for clients on the weekends, when of course their live support is simply unavailable. Trying to persuade other clients to switch banks to access this service.

  • The latest increase costing almost $100 more than when I signed up.
  • QBO is not nearly as user friendly as Desktop.
  • As I got a few months in to the service my bill has slowly gone up every couple of months.
  • My last straw is an issue that came to me just yesterday.
  • He asked if on my end I could find that information.
  • My accountant called and said he could not find the report that tells him our total sales by state.

Simple Accounting Software – all the features you need to grow your business. The world’s largest workforce is working for themselves.

I don’t even know that I could give it a 1 star. A lot of rework for no reason. The desktop version was much better. I need to search for another accounting program as I spend hours trying to do very simple transactions.

Get a certified bookkeeper to manage and maintain your books with guaranteed accuracy. List and manage your products across multiple channels quickbooks login to increase brand awareness and grow your customer base. Start your business off on the right foot with basic bookkeeping tools.

Either that or your 5 star review is completely baseless and unfounded. My subscription clients have been receiving system generated invoices for 9months+, every month they receive an invoice marked paid when the system charges their card. On Friday I found out that quickbooks was not actually charging their credit cards. For 9months+ it’s been providing cycle subscription billing, issuing invoices, marking them all paid, sending the proof of payment to the customers bookkeeping without actually charging their card. It certainly doesn’t fall on to the customer, and the optics from the Quickbooks system everything looked to be working correctly. It absolutely alarming that I had a support agent help setup these reoccurring charges because they are very important and setting them up was a confusing and terrible experience. I wanted to make sure I did them right after already experiencing failed processing and duplicate charges.

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quickbooks official website

For the rest, it is annoying and illogical. One of the most mysterious of their missteps is the random changing of accounting language and process from the desktop version. I guess they wanted “user-friendly” words that didn’t sound like you were doing accounting . One of many examples I could site – if you want the report that used to be called a profit-loss statement , you now need to run a Statement of Activity .

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I am a loyal quickbooks customer who uses both their online version and their desktop versions for over 20+ companies. As an intuit customer for over 30years switching ot QB Online was the worst business decision I have made.

I have used some form of Quickbooks since 1993. I now use Quickbooks Online. The most recent dabacle is that their automated tax table undates doesn’t work for Cash-Based accounting. In other words they don’t really support what they say they support. Worse, is that you can’t manually update the tax tables either – you have to recreate a new table. The other reality is that it is not expensive.

QuickBooks Online is developed by Intuit, a long time leader in accounting software for small- to mid-sized businesses and tax software. There’s a 30-day free trial with iOS, Android and Blackberry apps.

I would have wanted them to pay me for the kind of experience I had. Not sure if I have been clear enough, but I wouldn’t wish this service on my worst competitor. While desktop hosting is an option, many business owners aren’t just looking to use the software on the cloud but also need online bookkeeping a mobile app, which QBO provides. Those are the instances we recommend QBO and why we recommend the software. New customers will probably be happy at first. We were happy when we started using QBO 6 years ago. Now we are wondering why doesn’t QBO care about their current customers???

Like a simple question, and you will wait 2-3 minutes for a very simple response. Then they tell you to call and wait… DO NOT USE QUICKBOOKS! It is the slowest business and some of the worst customer service. I had a trial version, and praise Jesus I did.

7 years ago online based accounting options were very limited now not so much so many other better options from a product, service, and support. I would not choose this one again. https://www.bookstime.com/ I have 4 companies using them and if could find a way to easily move I would. They get worse over time and I have a lot of experience with them and over time gets worse and worse.

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Many customers believe the sheer mobility of QuickBooks Online is entirely worth the upgrade. And despite the minor navigational difficulties I mentioned earlier, the program is still much easier to learn and use than QuickBooks Pro. Through the Solutions Marketplace, Intuit encouraged third-party software developers to create programs that fill niche areas for specific industries and QuickBooks Self-Employed integrate with QuickBooks. Intuit partnered with Lighter Capital to create a $15 million fund for developers designing apps for Intuit Quickbooks. The Intuit Developer Network provides marketing and technical resources, including software development kits . In 2011, Intuit introduced a UK-specific version of QuickBooks Online to address the specific VAT and European tax system.

What is similar to QuickBooks but free?

Comparison Chart Of QuickBooks CompetitorsTool NameFree TrialOur RatingsFreshBooksFree trial available.4.5/5XeroFree trial for 30 days.4/5ZipBooksFree trial for 30 days.4/5WaveCompletely Free4/52 more rows

Simple Start costs $40 a month, but discounts are available during sales. There is also a 30-day free trial. My favorite aspect of Quick Books online is that it is flexible and portable, and travels easily with our business. Previously using QuickBooks on a desktop I struggled with having to be in office to update records such as receipts. The Receipt scanning feature is indispensable. The mobile app by far is our favorite feature. while we have an office, we are a mobile focused business and being able to do our accounting work on the go is very valuable.

Client accounts will transition to the more robust version of their existing product to ensure the most seamless experience. This means that those on Enhanced (Self-Service) move to Core, Full-Service become Premium, and Tsheets customers also go to Premium. FreshBooks is accounting software that makes running your small business easy, fast and secure. Spend less time on accounting and more time doing the work you love.Try this QuickBooks alternative for your business today.

How much is QuickBooks Simple Start?

QuickBooks Simple Start vs Essentials at a GlanceFeatureSimple StartEssentialsPromotion Price per Month for Three Months$12$20Standard Price per Month$25$40Number of Users Included With Monthly Subscription13Manage Accounts Payable (Schedule and Pay Vendor Bills)✔3 more rows•Jun 25, 2020

It wouldn’t let me delete them, said they were associated with other accounts. I called customer service, finally got someone who told assets = liabilities + equity me about the purge company command, wiped out all the data — except the “real” and zombie employees, who were all still there.

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